How to Choose a Sleeping Pillow

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If you have properly chosen your Sleeping pillow, you’ll have a healthy night’s sleep which will make you feel better during the whole day. Here’s a list of consumer tips that could help you to choose the most suitable pillow for you:

1. Sleeping position – In most of the pillow’s instructions, you can find information about which sleeping position it’s designed to be used mostly. The most popular sleeping positions are:

  • stomach
  • left or right side
  • back


You can easily determine the sleeping pose that you often use: when you wake up, try to consider what is your pose then.

2. Made-up Materials – You should check out all of the fabrics that had been used for the pillow that you intend to purchase. You should consider its pillowcase as well as its filling.

One of the most important parameters of the pillowcase is its thread count, it’s the total number of threads per square inch. The more threads you can find in a pillow cover, the more quality it is.

3. Textures and Color – The pillow’s look should be considered with the existing bedroom interior. Its colors and textures should be properly combined with the colors of the sheets and the bed. Also, the color of the pillow should be chosen by your taste. So, if you like the red color and it’s suitable for your bedroom, you can look for a red pillow.

4. Measures – The measures of the pillow should be considered with the size of your bed. If you have a king-size bed, try to search for a king-size pillow.

5. Maintenance – After purchasing a pillow, it should be cleaned regularly. That’s before buying it, check out if it’s washable and does it have a zippered closure.

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