Best Standalone VR Headsets

In 2012 the only way to have experienced virtual reality was with a high-powered computer and headset. This dynamic presented a problem for consumers, who had to spend a considerable amount of money on both items to jump in virtual reality. Price limits accessibility and increased accessibility means a bigger market for VR startups and investors to fund and grow and create amazing content for the metaverse.

Unless high-powered computers will drop significantly in price tomorrow, a new solution must be birthed. Introducing the industry’s latest and greatest attempt at opening the door towards mainstream affordable virtual reality that still features considerable performance, standalone! Standalone virtual reality branded vr headsets are an all-in-one device that can power virtual reality on their own, with no computer or phone needed.

IDEALENS plans to partner with the leading human-computer interaction technology company Leap Motion to embed its next generation hand tracking technology in IDEALENS K3-E headset. This inside-out tracking system operates without a controller or base station that most VR sets require, enabling students to explore the virtual world in a more natural way. In addition, IDEALENS K3 system supports Cardboard and Android applications, which allows users to have a fully immersive viewing experience anytime anywhere.

Initiated as an independent company and acquired by Facebook Oculus started developing Rift all the way back in 2012. Compared with the mobile headsets, Oculus Rift’s head-mounted display provides a view of higher resolution and broader field, in addition to its integrated headphones which provide a 3D audio effect. The sensor can normally sit on a desk, allowing you to use the device while sitting, standing, or walking around the same room. In June 2015, Oculus revealed that a successor to the Rift is likely to be released in around 2–3 years from the Rift release.

HTC Vive is one of the most premium VR headsets on the market with a relatively high price. However, you do get more for what you pay, as the Vive captures your action accurately with low latency, so you can walk or move around more freely while wearing the headset, bringing a better experience of immersion. Besides, the bundle includes two controllers, the Lighthouse base stations, some ear buds plus games copies, creating a whole “VR-room” environment for users.

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