Basics About Polymer Clay Art

Polymer clay art is colorful, beautiful and unusual. Artists of all ages enjoy working with polymer clay to create jewelry, sculptures, picture frames, boxes and a variety of unique pieces. After polymer clay is properly prepared and shaped, it is baked to create the finished product.

Polymer clay is not the typical clay found in our earth. This unique compound was developed from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in 1930 to create an unforgiving, pliable medium for artwork. When unbaked, it can be stored for up to two years or more. It does not shrink and colors remain vibrant during the baking process.

You can buy it in a rainbow of different colors and textures including granite, neon and translucent. Durable pieces made from polymer clay can be polished, painted, sanded or drilled so you have countless design options. It can be mixed with glitter and mica powder to create sparkling metallic effects.

The basic items you need to get started are polymer clay, an oven, your hands and a great idea. Let’s consider the tools you can use to make incredible creations. Some beginners use a designated toaster over or kitchen oven to make their creations but there may be safety issues to consider. A specially designed oven provides the perfect temperature control for baking your creations and is the safest option. A Polymer clay supplies nz roller machine is used to roll thin sheets for wrapping and creating polymer clay transfer projects with images and pictures. Wood can be damaged by polymer clay so a glass or tile surface is the smoothest, most effective work space for working with this medium. Craft knives are used to cut it into different shapes and sizes for all types of projects.

Knives are also used for trimming away excess clay from around molds and to make unique designs on the surface of artwork. Clay extruders or clay guns turn it into uniform tubular shapes to make hair, canes and other similar pieces. A piercing tool is a wooden handle with a needle attached for poking holes in beads and other creations. A simple ruler can be used to measure polymer clay to make uniform sized pieces for all purposes. Paint brushes come in handy for decorating and finishing pieces with a variety of wet and dry mediums. Polymer clay molds make it easier to create attractive, uniform shapes and designs. Flexible mods can be used to create themed words and faces for home d├ęcor, scrapbooks and journals. Resin push molds make swirls, hearts, faces and other shapes.



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