Wood Wick Candles – The Latest Innovation in Candles

Wood wick candles have been hailed as the newest innovation in candle making. The candle combines sound and scent that aides considerably to the fascination. The sound created by the candle is that of real logs crackling in the fireplace as they burn. The scents that the candle Soy wax melts releases can be of various types that can range from the regular floral and citrus scents to those of nature, home, and favorite foods and even scents of freshly laundered clothes. They are highly favored in aromatherapy because of its unique infusion of sound with the fragrance.

These are made from very pure and high quality ingredients. Soy wax and natural beeswax separately or in combination are the core ingredients of these candles. The addition of fragrant oils gives them their unique fragrances. There are no chemical dyes or contaminations added to them to give them their color. Its wick too is all natural made directly from the bark of various trees. This is the reason why the wick does not contain any lead. The burning of this wick gives the candle that soothing crackling sound. They are long lasting candles and can burn to about 10 hours unlike normal ones. These are packaged in beautiful glass or porcelain containers that render these candles decorative pieces in the house when they are not being used. The decorative scented ones can still not match up to these.

These candles do not use paraffin wax. Paraffin wax was used in the traditional ones, because of which they did not burn for very long. Also as it burned it released acetone, lead and benzene which are very harmful substances. The flame of the wood wick ones is cleaner because they neither have smoky flames being emitted nor the harmful gases. Since natural bees wax was expensive soy wax was used as an alternative, or in combination. Also unlike paraffin soy wax does not create a grey sludge seen on the candle.

These candles can be easily purchased in stores in malls. But to get the best deals, it is best to shop online. Online stores offer various discounts that cannot be matched by regular stores. Certain areas also avail free shipping for the customers that reside there. There is a minimum amount that you are required to buy for if you choose the online option but at the end you do get your money’s worth. There are also limited edition and collector’s item candles available. These can make for great gift and can be presented on any occasion.



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