Why You Should Start a Frozen Yogurt Business

When it comes to frozen yogurt, those in the know have been enjoying its health benefits for decades. It truly is a healthy and balanced choice for dessert when you consider the alternatives. Substitute frozen yogurt for fat-filled desserts like ice cream, and watch as you start to lose fat and feel much better about yourself. Children and adults alike enjoy a good cup of frozen yogurt, so there’s no reason not to make it part of your diet. Healthy amounts of frozen yogurt can be added to your diet as a substitute for other much more unhealthy dessert items.

Frozen yogurt is the nutritious choice when it comes time to decide what dessert to serve following dinner.The use of yogurt as a base for fro-yo makes it a healthier alternative to ice cream, which makes use of fat-filled milk fat as a base. Instead of making use of up to 15% milk fat like ice cream, it only uses approximately half a percent total. This enables the fro-yo to still contain enough milk fat to stay smooth, while keeping the amount of excess fat to the bare minimum.

Cementing it as a healthy choice, frozen yogurt delivers something ice cream can’t even dream of. Common yogurt includes live and active cultures that assist the body in quite a few ways. The cultures will stay alive in the yogurt when it’s frozen, and as long as the mixture wasn’t warmed up too much when it was mixed, they will go dormant. If the mixture is heated too much prior to freezing, it can kill the probiotic cultures. The bacteria warm up once they hit your digestive system, and they start to become active again. The cultures help your body with digestion, and are capable of quickly breaking down the lactose in milk items. This explains why individuals who are lactose intolerant can frequently consume yogurt without having the same side-effects they do when they eat alternative milk products. Studies have proven that the cultures in yogurt play a part in bone and joint health as well. The exact nature of these benefits isn’t clear, but it looks like they play an important role in keeping the body healthy.

Before you start consuming as much of this tasty dessert as you can, a little warning is in order. You still can’t eat massive amounts of this dessert item. Sugar content may be the one area where fro-yo is as equally undesirable as ice cream. Both of these yogurt mix desserts contain elevated levels of sucrose and should be consumed in moderation, especially when it comes to individuals who are sensitive to sugar. Due to the fact that there may be reasons beyond the scope of this article as to why you should not make it part of your diet, check with your physician prior to including it. Your health practitioner should be able to advise you as to whether or not you should add this item to your diet plan.

It is possible to buy frozen yogurt in pre-packaged containers at your neighborhood grocery store, but once more it might not have probiotic cultures. The only solution to be 100% sure you’re receiving the maximum health value is to make it at home using a frozen yogurt machine. Because you’re procuring the yogurt yourself, you know that you’re going to get the maximum health advantages from it. Include chopped nuts and fruits in the mixture to make it even more healthy. Frozen yogurt can be a delicious frozen dessert that’s good for your entire family.

Frozen yogurt is becoming far more easier to locate than it once was, and you can find it in many different places. It is now found at a range of dining establishments, running the gamut from high-class institutions to smaller places at your neighborhood strip mall. Restaurants use large machines to mix it up, and the type of mix they use occasionally doesn’t have the probiotic cultures that are good for your system. If in doubt, check with the restaurant owner.


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