Why Account-Based Marketing Solutions Still Need People to Do the Work

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a personalized, custom approach to a dedicated book of a business. Most SMB and enterprises use this marketing strategy to close new business and up-sell existing accounts. Included in ABM tools structure are a plethora of technology solutions to help scale the work being done. These types of solutions are customer service tools, sales generation tools, sales and marketing automation resources, and the like. While these tools may do the work for you, experts in sales and marketing are still required to help manage, analyze, and execute on what’s working.

Take a high level look at the workflow of how marketing and sales resources use technologies to support their ABM strategies to further align sales and marketing teams to skyrocket growth.

Understand Your Data

Whenever a marketing team runs a social campaign, like a Facebook or LinkedIn ad, there are always results provided at the end of the campaign, showing the target audience and engagement received:

A marketing professional is able to take this data and apply it to what’s producing the most results. A great way to see what’s working versus what isn’t is to create two separate campaigns, called an A/B test campaign, each targeted to a specific audience and look at which is driving the most results – whether that be lead capture forms, website clicks, or engagement (likes, shares).

Use Intelligence As The Foundation To Your Digital Marketing

Once a marketing professional analyzes results from a targeted campaign, they are able to identify which activities are best to activate based on what has been providing the most ROI. If a business is using ABM-strategies to engage current customers, they may include nurture campaigns that are personalized to specific industries. Through analytical insights, teams can create digital campaigns by vertical, including content that is relevant to who they are targeting specifically. This can be personalized newsletters, Facebook ads, or even promoted tweets. Teams are able to create targeted social ads based on what Facebook pages or Twitter handles users like, making their promoted tweets or Facebook posts even more purposeful to an audience.


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