The Perfect Commercial Planters For Your Outdoor Spaces

Almost all commercial establishments are made of concrete and the only thing that gives life to its surroundings are the plants. But it wouldn’t be very attractive to just put the plants on the ground. No matter how beautiful your flowering plants are, they won’t be easily noticed if they are placed on the ground. Business owners can place them in outdoor planters that can elevate the plants and attract more customers. Some plants may also look disorganized. But if you put them in commercial planters, they can well be arranged and easily maintained.

Each planter does not only serve as a container for plants. Their design, shape and form can also have different purposes:

1. Most restaurant planters serve as liners or boarders for the outdoor dining spaces of a restaurant. They are usually available in a long rectangular shape or in a large square.

2. Hotel planters are usually luxurious to depict the class and elegance of the hotel.

3. There are also planters that can be seated on such as city plant containers.

4. Lastly, Illuminated modern large round planter can be an excellent source of light for a specific area.

Here are some ideas on what kinds of plant containers that you can use for the outdoor spaces of your business establishment:

Custom Planters

Since most commercial planters are large, business owners usually place an order for custom planters. These planters are custom-made according to the clients’ design and specifications.

Fiberglass Planters

Fiberglass planters are light-weight which make them ideal as large planters. They can perfectly simulate any kind of material such as terracotta and clay. Try to look at some outdoor planters that are made of stone or clay and check if the materials are real. You may find one that is actually made of fiberglass.

Large Commercial Planters

The big planters that you put inside your house are smaller compared to large commercial planters. When we say large, it means that it is large enough to be seated on, serve as a boarder between two spaces, or a centerpiece of your garden. In fact, even a large tree can be planted in it.

Planters on Casters

Some outdoor arrangements like restaurant patios and retail store displays may be changed from time to time so they need to use movable planters. Since large commercial planters cannot be easily moved due to its size or weight, planters on casters are perfect to use in these areas. They are custom-build beautiful planters with rolling castors to easily move your large planters and change your outdoor arrangements anytime.

For business owners, don’t make your outdoor spaces look dull and boring. Even colorful paintings cannot match the lively color and atmosphere that the plants and flowers can bring.


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