The Importance of Conveyancing When Buying a Property

Selling your property quickly can be tough. If you have the luxury of time — and have a desirable property — it might be a good idea to hold onto your property for a while and see if a buyer materializes. However, not everyone has the luxury of time or a picture-perfect property. Here’s how to tell whether you should consider selling to a real estate investor who can close quickly.

You Have an Ugly Property or an Equally Ugly Situation.

Let’s face it: Every property is different. If your Realtor Marana property has more problems than you have solutions or repairs will eat up all of your spare time, a quick sale probably makes sense. If life has thrown you lemons in the form of a powerful need to relocate, you’re going through a divorce or you’re experiencing serious financial problems, waiting for the perfect buyer might not be an option.

While you can’t control the negatives in life, you do have the power to decide the outcome. Sometimes, what seems to be a good thing turns out being something completely different. For instance, people sometimes inherit property from distant relatives who have passed away. When this happens, the surprise of an unexpected gift becomes shock at the amount of work — and money — involved in improving a property’s condition. These are the kinds of situations where it might make good sense to sell a property to a real estate investor.

In other cases, you haven’t inherited a property, but a serious case of the I-don’t-want-it-anymores has caused you to decide that you want out — as soon as possible. Many times, the issue is related to conditions beyond your control:

  • Deteriorating neighborhoods
  • Properties in need of repair
  • Too little equity
  • Bad tenants
  • Overleveraged Properties


A Real Estate Investor Can Make These Problems Go Away

Real estate investors are an effective means of selling property quickly even if some or all of these conditions are present in your property:

  • Property needs multiple repairs
  • Trash and other debris needs to be removed
  • Real estate agents demand multiple repairs before listing property for sale


Real estate investors are skilled at bringing a dying — or dead — property back to life. Because they deal with property problems ranging from minor issues to full-blown disasters, they won’t require extensive repairs, cleanup or ask for other contingencies to be met in order to make the purchase. You can also sell your home without having to pay real estate commissions. In addition, you won’t have to suffer the inconvenience of having strangers traipsing through your home, criticizing its current condition.

How to Sell Your Home Quickly

The best way to sell your home quickly is to find a real estate investor in a position to make a fast purchase. The investor will come to your home and assess the potential to improve its condition. The good news? The investor doesn’t have to fall in love with your home. Decisions to purchase — or not purchase — a home is strictly economic. If it makes sense to the investor, you’ll get an offer; if it doesn’t, you’ll be told quickly. Either way, you’ll know where you stand, sometimes the same day.

If you and the investor decide to move forward with a real estate transaction, the process is simple. Here’s what will happen:

  • A Purchase and Sales agreement will be signed by both parties
  • You’ll get the chance to have your attorney review the agreement
  • A mutually-agreeable closing date will be set — often within days, instead of the months that traditional real estate transactions sometimes take
  • You avoid having to pay real estate commissions


The Next Step is Completely Up to You

I’ve told you some of the reasons why selling your home to a real estate investor might make good sense. The next step is up to you. You could decide that you want to try your luck at selling your property yourself. If, however, you don’t have the luxury of time or patience, give some thought to the possibility of selling it soon to a real estate investor.

It’s hard enough thinking about where you’ll go once you sell your property. Don’t add to your problems by worrying about who will buy your property, sell it quick using an investor.


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