Restaurant Online Ordering and Trends

People live complex and busy lives. Because of this, people look for faster, easier ways to accomplish daily activities. By offering your customers the convenience of online ordering, you will generate new business or improve the contact with your current customers. Online ordering for quick-serve and casual dining is “the next big thing” according to 51% of quick-service experts from QSR magazine.

When deciding on an online mobile ordering system, there are some standard features to look for. However depending upon the type of establishment, your features can change. Regardless of your establishment, your system must be user friendly. It must have a layout that’s easy to use and follows a logical path through the check out process. It should be a seamless part of our online identity (integrated in your website).

In addition, sales reports should be standard features in the system. There are a number of different additional features you can look for depending on how you want to tailor your customers’ experience. The ability to store their information makes the checkout process easier and more convenient. Offering text messaging can capture a young audience. Delivery restaurants should have their system check the delivery address to make sure the customer is with their delivery area. As online ordering grows in popularity more features will develop.

Online food ordering is still in its infancy, ready to take off. Studies have shown that over 30% of casual dining customers use the websites of their favorite restaurants to gather information. This percentage will continue to grow as more people who grew up using the Internet turn into consumers with purchasing power. College campuses have exploded with online food ordering. Students will graduate and disseminate throughout the country. They will choose restaurants with online ordering when making a purchasing decision. Technology is helping to increase the adoption of online ordering. People can text message their orders to restaurants. With smartphones (iphones, blackberries), people can quickly place orders from anywhere.

It was not long ago that you had to call an airline to make a reservation. Sure it was simple to call in and speak with someone. However, as more people began using the Internet it became faster and easier to make reservations online. Airlines realized they could lower cost and improve their efficiency. Soon, airlines who did not offer online ordering were forced to implement a system just to stay competitive. Online ordering from restaurants is not far behind.



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