Network Marketing Strategy – Important Research

You have heard before about the value of telling stories. The reason it’s such a powerful network marketing strategy is, it’s not perceived as a sales technique. You’re just telling a story.

And if you’ll really learn just 4 or 5 stories that bring home certain points about your products or your opportunity, then you can talk to anybody with confidence.

Why? Because you’re not selling. You’re just telling a story.

You MUST have stories about your MLM products. If you don’t have your own yet, your company presence marketing or upline almost certainly offer a conference call or online format where you can hear or read great stories. If it’s a conference call format, then tape the calls, listen to them again, pick out the best stories, transcribe them, learn them, and use them.

Many MLM trainers have great stories on their websites. Do a Google search for “MLM trainers” and look at some of the websites you bring up. When you run into a story that illustrates an important point, copy it and learn to use it for your own business.

Here’s a story that illustrates a key point about the business opportunity.

Jack asks, “What do you do?”

And you say, “Have you ever heard of Mark Andriessen?”

Jack says, “No.”

“OK. Back when the Internet first got popular, you paid by the hour to be online. So everybody and their brother started businesses selling time on the internet. Right away, the whole thing was driven by beating everybody else’s price.

“But some people thought, ‘Forget that. Everybody’s doing it. There’s got to be some other way of making money with the Internet.

“Mark Andriessen was a college kid, broke, working in a college lab at minimum wage. He played around with the Internet, but he saw a big problem – people couldn’t use it easily.

“So Mark thought about that and went to work. Today, you use an internet browser every day, you take it for granted. But Andriessen actually developed the first web browser, a software called Netscape Navigator.

“Within 2 years, he went from a broke college kid to a net worth of fifty MILLION dollars. The Wall Street Journal & papers around the world featured front page articles on him.

“He was STILL a kid, but everyone else in his industry was eating his dust! He found the race car while everyone else was riding in a jalopy.”

“I read what he did and started thinking about it. I wanted a race car of my own. So I went out and found one. This is what I do.”

Then reach in your pocket and hand them some good promotional piece about your company or products. “Here. THIS is MY race car. Take a look!”


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