Making Money With Your Referrals

Every Making money program used by Blogger on his Blog has a referral function. This means visitors who click your referral link and register for your Making money program are your referrals. More you referrals you have more your earn. It also depends on referrals’ earnings, usually, you get some % of their earnings, so the highest earnings of your referrals have more money you earn from that. The % of referral earnings you get is different in each Making money program, so you should read referral Hopper Code documentation on the Making money programs’ original site. In this post, I will write something about how to get more referrals to your Making money program and how to advertise them on your Blog.

* Advertising with Banners

Advertising your referral banners is one of the most used things in the Blogging community. Making money program like AdSense, and WidgetBucks have already created 125×125 or other size referral banner and code underneath. You just simply copy the code below the banner and paste it into your favorite place. The most used place is the top of the sidebar. You can see a lot of great Bloggers using their 125×125 referrals banners in right or left top sidebar. So don’t wait and put your banner there, it is one of the best places to put your referral banner. Just imagine having thousands of users upon you and generating % of their earnings it is great to make some money.

* Advertising with Links

Popular and useful is also using your referral programs links. You can put them in recommended money makers spot or in the sidebar, so visitors can see them. This you usually do with nonpopular making money programs for which you don’t have a place for a 125×125 referral banner because spamming all your sidebar with 125×125 referral banners is not recommended. You need to include some links in your posts also, content is king!

* Promote them in posts or make a page

A great thing to do is promote them to visitors, not in every post but in some making money post. Try to write some info about your Making money programs, so they can see what are they for. A lot of Bloggers who earn with their Blogs have on their Blogs a “Money Makers”, and “My Money Makers Programs” page. On this page, you post URL referral links to your Making money programs and underneath the URL you write something about them and how much they contribute to your final earning. So try to write something about this Making money programs to you, visitors, maybe they don’t know anything about them and it could bring them great earnings.


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