Classic Old Nintendo Games

Years go by, new video game consoles are created, but the classic old Nintendo games never seem to be forgotten. Almost all children, or even adults have memories of the first time playing Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), more commonly known as Nintendo. Two revolutionary fictional characters, Mario and Luigi made an impact on almost every childhood across the world. Whether it was the Mario Brothers that you were interested it, or if it were sports games like Techmo Super Bowl, there was a Nintendo game that everyone loved in the house. If you did not like Techmo Super Bowl, or the Mario Brothers, who hasn’t played Duck Hunt? I am willing to wager that anyone reading this has come close to putting the plastic toy gun through their brand new television set. If I had a functioning sell my nintendo, I would probably do it right now!

Despite all of the classic old Nintendo games,Mario Brother’s might have been the most classic of all old Nintendo games. Although Mario Brothers was the most popular in terms of units sold, there were several other video games that we all enjoyed – and still do. No matter how good the graphics look on PlayStation 3, or the new Xbox 360, or how fun it is to play the Nintendo Wii, we all seem to love the basic old Nintendo games. New video game consoles will come and go, but we will all remember playing a Nintendo.

Here we will remind you of some of the top selling old Nintendo games in order of units sold (in millions):


  • 40.23 – Super Mario Brothers
  • 18 – Super Mario Brothers 3
  • 10 – Super Mario Brothers 2
  • 6.51 – The Legend of Zelda
  • 4.38 – Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
  • 4 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • 3.8 – Dragon Warrior III
  • 3.1 – Dragon Warrior IV
  • 2.46 – Golf
  • 2.4 – Dragon Warrior II
  • 2.35 – Baseball
  • 2.13 – Mahjong
  • 2.05 – Family Stadium
  • 1.81 – Tetris
  • 1.67 – Duck Tales


This extensive list does not include titles created by Konami. Some of the more popular Konami games are: the Contra and Castlevania Series. There are also several other titles that did not have their sales figures recorded. It is up for debate if later titles like, “101 Nintendo Games” contributed to the total number of units sold. While I do not have the official figures, it would be interesting to see how many old games the Wii arcade has sold. Our next article will discuss the popularity of the Wii, and how it has changed future gaming.


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