Why Islamic Jewellery in Silver is So Popular For Men

The concept of wearing gold jewellery is common among men of many nations; Islamic jewellery designed specifically for men however, is usually made with silver, as gold is prohibited for men in Islam. Muslim men although free to wear articles like rings, bracelets and even chains can only do so when these articles are made of precious metals other than gold. Due to this reason, most of the Islamic jewellery designers that target the male Muslim clientele create unique designs set in silver or occasionally titanium.

The most popular form of Islamic jewellery for men includes silver bracelets with inscriptions of holy messages from the Quran, or with personalized messages. For the various sects of islamic jewellery, they are streamlined to portray the specific ideals of the people. Shi’a Muslims prefer to wear bracelets that have the names of the grandsons of the Prophet on them, whereas Sunni Muslims opt for either the 99 names of Allah or the names of the Prophet inscribed on them.

Lapel pins are also available with distinctive religious emblems making them a part of the Islamic jewellery line. They are also made of precious metals or alloys so that men can wear them for special occasions such as weddings etc.

Although wedding rings are not necessary in Islam, the modern Muslims opt to present their spouses with these rings as a token of their love for each other. Therefore, wedding rings have been added to the array of other occasion and mood rings being made in silver as a part of the Islamic jewellery being offered to Muslim men. The wedding bands or rings often times are silver and diamond encrusted to make them more valuable. People also like to get other precious gemstones like sapphires, emeralds and rubies set in silver or titanium for their rings.

Silver and sterling silver cufflinks are another commonly used form of Islamic jewellery. Cufflinks can be used with all types of outfits, whether they are the western clothes such as pants and shirts, or the more traditional jubbas or throbes, cufflinks can be incorporated into these variant styles to create a more sophisticated appearance. Cufflinks can also be found in a variety of colours and designs, set with precious stones such as diamonds and rubies, to semi precious ambers and corals to the fashionable onyx ones, you can pick the one that matches your outfit to the hilt.


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