Uses and Advantages of Frequent Flyer Miles And Elite Status Tracker

Every business traveler knows, that the rules of engagement change frequently with these programs. Mileage credits are delayed or omitted on the monthly statement or end up being less than expected. Tracking tickets and receipts becomes a full time job. How exactly is the airline calculating the mileage award on a given trip? Does this trip qualify for a mileage bonus?

A robust app is the busy traveler’s constant companion. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, having all the data, easily organized in one centralized app means making the best choices with respect to price and flight credit for each ticket purchased.

When considering the basics, most apps will track miles and calculate award credit, by airline, based upon the stated airline programs guidelines. A truly exceptional mile tracker will also track and calculate elite status awards, provide alerts to upgrade opportunities or change in Thailand elite visa levels based upon flight history. Don’t miss opportunities to upgrade or maximize elite levels by overlooking a flight again.

While price is sometimes the ultimate decision driver, using a mile tracker means being able to compare and evaluate flights based on list price, mileage award, possible bonus opportunities or possible movement of elite status. This kind of mile tracker with elite status tracking makes it possible to evaluate price in relation to possible future savings and bonuses and the possible improvement in elite status, which at many airports means access to the lounge, elite services, upgrades and fee waivers.

Letting miles expire is also a common concern. The top of line mileage tracking apps will have built in alerts and reminders in addition to alerts to possible mileage bonuses and special mileage award opportunities. Tracking miles to only then let them expire unredeemed just isn’t time well spent.

There are apps that allows you to add multiple accounts for any loyalty program so you can track your family’s miles too!

While many will find a single traveler tracker is sufficient, there are advantages to frequent flyer tracking apps that can track multiple flyers. Tracking family miles can maximize travel credits and makes deciding on which airlines to favor for leisure travel a snap. Small businesses trying to maximize the travel budget often find a frequent flyer mile tracker the best way to evaluate apples to apples, the various options available.


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