Understanding the Business and the Business Casual Dress Codes

Understanding the business casual dress code is very difficult for many men. You have to maintain a professional look as well as being comfortable and relaxed. On the other hand in business attire your only goal is to look professional. So here are some differences between business and business casual dress code.

Every workplace is different so what is business casual in one place may not be appropriate in other workplaces. So you have to check what is acceptable in your workplace, take a look at what your co-workers are wearing, this will give you an idea of what is considered business casual in your workplace.

Suits are the main item in a business dress code, if the dress code requires business attire you need to wear a tidy good ironed suit with a nice dress shirt and a necktie. But if a business casual dress code is specified you can lose the suit, you can wear dress shirts paired with sports jackets and trousers. One great tip is to get a wrinkle free and stain resistant dress shirt so you look fresh even in the most hectic days.

Another important aspect of dress codes is what shoes you should wear. You need to remember that shoes that are worn with suits can also be worn with business casual attire. But leather dress shoes and tuxedo shoes are too fancy for offices and so you should avoid them. You can also wear leather retro sneakers that are appropriate for a workplace. Some people might think that sneakers are casual but now there are many sneakers available that are suitable for a workplace.

People often carry a briefcase or a laptop bag to offices. Workplaces where a business casual attire is required you can take any laptop case or a messenger style bag, but not too flashy. On the other hand where business attire is required you should go with a briefcase preferably in dark colors.

Things You Should Avoid Wearing

You should not wear T-shirts to workplaces; they are not considered business casual. Nor should you wear sports jerseys for example basketball jerseys or football jerseys, they are considered extremely casual, you should save them for your Sunday afternoons or your basketball games.

Another thing you should avoid is wearing sandals to a workplace; they are too casual for a workplace. These points shall help you a lot, just keep them in your mind when dressing yourself.


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