Top 3 Best Marksman In League of Legends Season 12

The marksman role has been through a lot in the recent years, from normal marksman being so bad that they were outshone by mages in the botlane. Marksmans in the current meta are in a good state. You don’t need to run Ziggs bot to be impactful anymore. We’re here to provide the Top 3 Best Marksman In League of Legends Season 12 so you can hard carry in the bot lane.

The marksman class is usually filled with ADC’s (attack damage carries). These ADC’s are able to carry games solo once they reach the most deciding parts of the game — mid-late game teamfights.

The TP changes in patch 12.1 was perfect for bot lane, because now there won’t be a party botlane pre 6. With the mid lane assassins going TP, ignite putting tons of pressure on the botlane. Or the top laner TP’ing botlane from their boring lane to impact the map. These changes hinder other lanes but benefit LoL Script bot lane tremendously. Giving bot lane more breathing room and a higher chance to reach their spike easier and faster.

Most of the changes have been really good for the role, but to be impactul you need to be able to buy your expensive items through enough cs and gold. The games last longer now as well, meaning it gives the marksman time to get items and more chances to snowball and carry.

And now since enchanter supports are in a really good spot, it complements the marksman and especially the hyper carrying late game scaling ADCs.


Katarina slicing anyone in her path – make sure your team doesn’t get in her way…

The AoE she provides is unmatched, with her daggers and Death Lotus ultimate, all able to burst anyone daring enough to come close to her. This is why Katarina is one of the few champions that can face roll and still manage to pick up a Penta kill. Her mobility and outplay potential are out of this world. Making her one of the most fun champions to play, blinking across the whole map, resetting off every kill.

Katarina’s a mid laner that sometimes struggles in lane… No problem, she can simply roam bot lane and pick up a double kill. Katarina only needs to take advantage of one opening in lane or team fight to start a deadly snowball.

Riot took away Katarina’s core item in Season 11 causing uproar in the Katarina community. Gunblade was perfectly designed for her playstyle, so it was a loss that every Katarina player felt in their hearts. And while all the Katarina mains were mourning, Riot sent a “balance” gift, giving Katarina’s abilities on-hit effects. What were they thinking? this is the most broken Katarina’s ever been – she’s able to go AP, AD, hybrid, on-hit builds. Making her versatile and more busted than she’s ever been.

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