Tiki Time Men’s Hawaiian Shirt

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Hula outfit

If you want some true ‘Hawaiian’ luau costume ideas, why not go all out and rock a full hula outfit?

One of the most prominent traditional Hawaiian outfits is the hula costume. A lei, a grass skirt, and ankle whalebone or dog’s tooth bracelets were once part of the standard attire.

However, the costumes are now more modest. Women wear long skirts as bottom wear, and a knit bra or a bandeau are used as top. Then, throw over leis and floral crowns. Men wear trousers under grass skirts, pairing with hawaiian shirts or short sleeve shirts.  Bracelets and anklets are worn by all genders, but the materials have been changed.They are often made of flowers, beads, or shells.

Regarding footwear, leaving bare feet is highly recommended when wearing hulas, as they are rooted in Hawaiian oral traditions and hula dance performance. Sandals and flip flops are acceptable.

Accessories ideas to go with your Hawaiian party costume

Flip flops

No tropical party outfit is complete without you wearing those vibrant flip flops. Well, you can definitely attend with simple footwear, but having more colors on you is never the wrong choice for this type of event.

If you’re wearing flip flops but still want to channel your inner fashionista, go all out with the summer look. Combine flip flops with sunglasses and beach hair for a relaxed look.

Leis and haku leis

The gorgeous, colorful flower garlands and crowns will tie your Hawaiian look together in no time. It’s not wrong to say that they are no doubt the staple look of Hawaii. You can make your own leis and add any flower you want. Even if you don’t have fresh flowers, artificial leis can work just fine.

Plumeria and hibiscus hair accessories

Most people think that wearing flowers as hair accessories is an easy way to elevate the outfit, and it’s certainly true. But do you know that different placement of the flower also means different things?

In Hawaiian culture, a flower on your ear can indicate your relationship status. When a flower is placed on the right ear, it means you’re single and open for a new relationship.

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