Thrill Your Senses With a Hot Air Balloon Ride!

You cannot refuse some things in life, and a thrilling hot air balloon ride is one among such things. You need not necessarily be an adrenaline junkie for such rides. It’s ideal for people of all ages. Fear is never going to stop you from jumping into the balloon basket for an adventure ride.

Once you know exactly what it feels like floating weightless in the air, you would not even mind ignoring your fear of heights (if you have it!) and would just get into a big balloon to take a ride.

I tell you what I felt like. The moment the balloon leaves the ground, you feel it is as almost a non-moment. The rising is so kicking, so gentle, and so very interesting. I could see I was at cactus height and then above the cactus. Slowly I was aloft. Soon, I could sense myself getting raised steadily, so silently, and the basket is so still that I have no fear at all. Yes am saying this: Throw away your fears and get into the magical experience of the very hot and ecstasy filled air ballooning ride!

Most hot air ballooning companies offer the Hot air balloon rides flights lasting for an hour. After your ballooning experience, they will close it with a breakfast once you’re back on terra firma. Due to the sudden rise in the popularity of air ballooning in India, it’s very important that you book at least 2 weeks ahead.

Did you know Rajasthan is the most popular place in India to float in a hot air balloon? Taking to the skies daily over Udaipur & Ranthambore national park, come ballooning with India’s biggest fleet of big large balloons.

Remember, due to the ride’s dependence on the weather, most bookings are conditional until before a few days from the main event. This ensures that the weather is ideal for your balloon journey.

Afterwards, take in the sights of landscapes below. The best way to enjoy it to the level best is to go for it before sunrise. Initiate your day in the early hours of the day. This will also help you from getting exposed to the strong winds that tend to pick up after sunrise. Am sure, you will be excited to be at the launch site. Let sunrise shine on your face! Watch the sun at the spot where the sky meets the earth as you drift silently over the mountains and valleys.


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