The Menace of Moss

Lots of rain coupled with some intermittent yet hot and bright sunshine has led to an explosion in moss growth around the country. When growing on walls, roofs and floor surfaces, moss can present several problems and, as it can multiply so rapidly, it is essential that any growth be immediately destroyed.

Moss forms due to the interaction of certain fungi and algae which, in a relationship of symbiosis whereby the algae provides nourishment and the fungi provides water, can quickly spread to surrounding areas if left untreated. Damage and discolouration follow as the moss wall grows, leaving unsightly stains and a dank, lingering smell. Moss that grows in gutters can cause blockages, leading to water running down the sides of walls; these newly-dampened areas provide the perfect growing environment for even more moss. When the problem is at ground level on paths, drives or patios, it can pose a serious danger as wet moss is incredibly slippery.

The first step in resolving the problem is to remove the moss. This can usually be done using a high-powered pressure washer though some areas may require manual removal if the problem has been left unchecked for a long time and the growth is excessive. After all moss has been removed, it is necessary to prevent its regrowth.

The next step is to kill off any remaining moss. Designed to effectively and completely remove moss along with other algae and lichens, Microtech Moss Removal Biocide is a professional solution to moss growth. It has a unique micro-emulsion formulation which allows it to spread out fully and cling tightly to surfaces, providing complete, lasting removal of moss. The advanced formula is also effective against mould spores and dry rot thanks to its powerful fungicidal properties. We supply this best-selling product in convenient concentrate form which, when diluted, makes 25 litres of formula to be subsequently applied to any masonry surface with the use of a low-pressure spray system. As is standard practice when using powerful chemicals of this nature, adequate precautions should be taken when applying the biocide such as the wearing of goggles and protective clothing.


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