The Different Uses For Garden Nets in the Home Garden

For the average home gardener, adding additional features or systems to your already existing setup can sometimes seem overwhelming and can take you out of your comfort zone. Stray much from row gardening or the systems you have used over the years seems like an unnecessary practice. However, if you can stretch yourself just a little bit, you may be able to make some simple changes to your shade net that will increase your harvest and add to your overall gardening experience.

One simple step that you can take to enhance your current garden setup, regardless of the stage your garden is in, is by implementing garden nets into your setup. Garden netting can be used for a number of different functions. The different uses for garden netting really comes down to your own creativity and imagination.

One of the most common uses of garden netting is to provide shade to heat sensitive areas of your garden. Shade netting can be used to cover parts of your garden sensitive to the sunlight. This can protect plants from the direct heat of the sun, and provide much needed shade and cooling to the system.

Effective shade techniques can also help transition your new transplants into their new environment. Coupled with adequate hardening, a shade cloth can help smooth the plants shock to their new setting.

Another common use of garden netting is the use of a trellis system for vertical planting techniques. The netting can be used on a trellis support system, allowing the plants to grow up the fabric of the net. Limited space areas and small gardens are an ideal candidate for vertical gardening. The traditional floor covering plants can actually often be grown up a trellis system, allowing more space for different varieties of vegetables.

Common plants to be used on trellis nets are indeterminate or vine varieties of vegetables. Tomatoes, beans, peas, squash, cucumbers, and even melons can be grown on a vertical trellis. As long as your support structure is adequate, the plants will have no problem supporting the weight of the fruit.

Garden netting comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be used in numerous applications around the garden with little additional effort. And while implementing some new techniques may stretch you a bit, you will likely find that adding netting to your garden only increases your overall experience and leads to a productive and healthy garden.

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