The Best Jobs For Ex Teachers – One Man’s Journey

The best jobs for ex teachers are those that stimulate the brain and call on an educator’s background knowledge of Psychology. The fragile twenty-first century economy has left many teachers without jobs, laid off and on unemployment, looking for an occupation that doesn’t involve a name tag. In addition, teachers may want to supplement their income with summer or part time work. And, of course, retired teachers count too and also frequently look for work.

The Next Step

I happen to be a tenured teacher who was laid off. It’s not a pleasant experience, but I’ve cried in my beer; now it’s time to figure out what comes next. Should you find yourself in this situation, or any other that has you searching for jobs for ex teachers, you may find yourself trying to figure out exactly what all those specialized skills you learned in college are good for.

In the words of a friend in education who also lost his job, “I might as well have been a Doctor or a Lawyer for all the schooling I had”. But it’s really not that grim- there are many jobs teachers can do. The trick is finding the best jobs for ex teachers. As mentioned above, these jobs utilize finely honed teacher skills.

So What are These Skills?

Before we talk about the skills involved Newchip Accelerator Reviews, you need to know more about affiliate marketing. Essentially, you join a network of affiliates who all strive to promote products. Using methods such as article marketing and pay per click advertising, you will receive a commission when someone buys the item you recommend. You don’t have to be a teacher to be a successful affiliate marketer, but many of the skills apply directly, a quick example is seen below;

1. Research– you learned in college how to research a topic, now you can apply this to start a new career.

2. Professionalism– you’ll be building an online presence, so make sure that you maintain professional decorum at all times. Just like owning your own storefront, you have to treat people well if you want them to come back.

3. Writing For Your Audience– when preparing your lesson plans, you have taken information that a particular audience (your students) needs and explained it to them in such a way that they will understand the information and be able to use it effectively in the future.

Market Research Applied to Real People.

To give a brief overview of what this is all about, we will use the example of High Definition televisions. Your job will be to create content that shows your reader all about these televisions. This content is put online (the technical skills involved have a very desirable learning curve) and traffic is driven again by various methods. Basically, you put customers in touch with information or products they are looking for and get paid for it. Sometimes you can make a small profit, sometimes you can make a large one. There is a lot more to affiliate marketing, an elaboration of which is beyond the scope of this article. Affiliate marketing should, however, be considered by everyone who is seeking jobs for ex teachers.

What can get very tricky is organizing all the information and research into a coherent advertising campaign that is profitable. I spent a lot of time on my own, organizing my campaigns and using trial and error to judge success. My rationale was that in failure I would find success. Of course, this is true and I’m still learning every day.

It was only this year that I discovered Wealthy Affiliate, a website that offered what I really needed: a place to organize my campaigns, host and create websites easily and get advice from seasoned professionals. In seeking the best jobs for ex teachers, I discovered that my colleagues in internet marketing would prove essential to my success much as professional collaboration can advance a teacher’s lessons. Wealthy Affiliate offers all of this, plus tools that make keyword research and writing a snap. You really can do internet marketing without a membership, but you really can’t beat what you get for the price of a membership to WA. I recommend affiliate marketing as one of the best jobs for ex teachers.


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