Stock Investment Strategy Index Tracking Stocks

Any successful stock investment strategy should focus on maximizing the amount of money you make. After all, unless you’re trying to take over a company, the only reason that you trade stock is to make money. One of the best ways to maximize your effort when it comes to investing stock is to trade index tracking stocks.
Also known as exchange traded funds or EFT, these new stocks on the block give you the leverage power to trade stock for entire industry with one symbol. This means that one single share of an index stock is like buying a portion of the dozen to over 10,000 stocks that make up the index.

Here are three popular examples:
Dow Jones industrial average: EFT symbol DIA
Also known as diamonds, this index stock represents all of the Markowitz model stocks which make up a Dow Jones industrial average. So when the Dow goes up, so does the stock price for DIA. Any of the other trends also apply to this and any other index stock.

S&P 500: SPY
Trading $100 worth of this index stock is like buying a portion of the 500 largest companies which make up the S&P 500. They’re the 500 largest companies for a reason and trading an index stock which contains 500 companies can help some people take the emotional attachment to an individual company out of their investment equation.

The National Association of Security Dealers Automated Quotations is the largest screen-based equity securities trading market in the United States. Previously traded under the symbol QQQ, this EFT gives you a lot of trading power while eliminating the volatility commonly associated with trading stocks for an individual company.

If you are new to the concept of index tracking stocks, you should consider studying them and adding one or more EFT to your stock portfolio. You can find index tracking stocks that cover any industry including the Internet, oil, pharmaceuticals and health care, real estate, and manufacturing. There are even index stocks that cover every public company found in a single country. If you’re interested in investing in a country like Mexico or Taiwan, trading an index stock which covers all of the securities for one of those countries may be the easiest way to go.

Index stocks are a relatively new trading vehicle. They most likely owe their existence to the information technology available today. The stock price for an index tracking stock is a real time reflection of the accumulated value of all of the stocks it contains. While this is also true of mutual funds, index tracking stocks are faster moving and you don’t pay anyone to maintain a portfolio of securities. You simply buy and sell the stock as you would any other security.

The convenience and ease of use of these exchange traded funds have made them very popular. Their inherent diversification allows you to invest in an entire industry through a single trade and for many people that makes an EFT a wise element of a smart stock investment strategy.

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