Sports Injury – Did You Know That Top Sports Professionals Use Homeopathy?

Sports injury can vary from a minor sprain or strain from a family game to a major injury that prevent professional sports people playing.

If sports is your career, it makes sense to find the most effective modality to treat any injuries you might sustain. After all, it costs you money for each game you can’t play.

According to Dana Ullman in his book ‘The Homeopathic Revolution’, sports celebrities such as David Beckham, Martina Navratilova, Boris Becker, Jose Maria Olazabal, Nancy Lopez, Will Greenwood, Kelly Slater, Russel Nua and many more, have used homeopathy to effectively treat injuries.

Don’t forget, these celebrities have access to the top Sports Massage London health professionals who deal with any and every imaginable injury. They use whatever will effect a quick and lasting cure for their patients. If they can’t deliver the goods, they’re out of a job, as the celebrity moves on to someone else who can.

If homeopathy is good enough for top sports professionals to use for their sports injury treatment, it makes sense for everyone. They are not going to use something which doesn’t work.

There are several common homeopathic medicines which treat sports injury very well. Many homeopathic pharmacies make up home prescribing kits for sports injuries as well as for the more normal common ailments.

Effectively treating any injury immediately it happens can prevent many complications from occurring. I well remember falling off a roof once (a distance of about nine feet), landing on concrete. I crawled into the house and grabbed my bottle of Arnica, dosing myself frequently. The initial shock masked all physical symptoms except the nausea.

After about an hour, I felt I could start moving about, albeit cautiously. A couple of hours later and I was back on the roof, just long enough to make it safe for the night. That night I slept well. The following day I carefully examined myself for bruises. There were none. At no time did I experience any pain.

Not only that, but I have since had no qualms about getting onto the roof for any repairs.

This is really quite extraordinary, when you consider the other options available. Is it any wonder that top sports professionals are using homeopathy?

However, you may not be able to treat all injuries yourself. A home prescribing kit is for minor injuries and to start any treatment. You may need to consult a professional homeopath for any serious injury.


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