Pogo Game Cheat Codes – Fact Or Fiction?

Pogo have become more and more popular each day. Basically, they provide free and paid membership to play games on their site, but with a unique twist. The most addictive one being the users can have a cartoon representation called Mini and you can put many things to it, i.e. to accessorize it. This feature alone results in thousands upon thousands paid subscribers along the years. And it is also because of this Mini thing, people are searching high and low in Google for “Pogo game cheat codes”. Let me explain.

To buy things for your Mini, you need Tokens. Pogo Token is the first official currency in Pogo. The best thing about Token, compared to Gems (secondary Pogo currency), is that it won’t lead you to bankruptcy, for it’s not something you need to buy. You get it for free within any of the select games eft hacks that give away Token prize, e.g. Sweet Tooth To Go, Poppit! To Go, etc. “But if it’s free, why do we see people selling it everywhere online?” Good question.

The main reason is that Tokens to be earned from games are very limited. What I mean by limited is that you can only collect a mere 20-100 Tokens per finished round. So if your target item is totalling 100,000 Tokens, for instance, then you need to win for about 1000 times… and that’s a lot!

That’s when something like Pogo game cheat codes come to a rescue.

With a proper cheat tool, you will be able to generate codes for millions of Pogo Tokens in split second, and upload 96,000 of them to your account every 24 hours (96,000 is a limitation by Pogo Terms of Service). I say “proper” because most cheaters only use bot to play automatically and thus, it still takes hours to generate millions of Tokens. In short, a proper tool do the millions, while a bot only do the pennies.

So if you ask me, whether Pogo game cheat codes fact or fiction… it is definitely the first.


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