Native American Astrology – The Grizzly Bear Totem

In Native American spirituality, there is a sense of unity and spiritual connection to all of life. Everything we see, the animals, the trees, the sky, the moon and more are thought to be our relations. Native American astrology is based on the medicine wheel and this spiritual connection and the twelve-month calendar.

Thus, there are twelve Native American zodiac signs and each sign is connected to a Native American animal totem. These animal totems become part of the basis for the character traits of each person born under that sign. But the animal signs also represent spirit companions who help us grow and learn what we need to learn.

In this article series, we are exploring each Native American zodiac sign and its astrology traits. This article will focus on the grizzly bear totem.

Spiritual Traits

Working with the bear totem will teach you to go within for the answers you need, which bear is the most dangerous to reach deep within to find your inner essence, and then share that with the world. Through the bear totem, you can become aware of vast untapped inner resources and learn how to access them.

This kind of awareness requires introspective time apart for reflection and insight, and discovery of inner potential. Once you have discovered it, do not keep it hidden. You must come out of hiding and share yourself with the world.

From bear, you can learn about inner strength, learning through observation, and healing and teaching as you offer your gifts to others.

Grizzly Bear Totem Characteristics

“People born under the grizzly bear totem seldom seek the spotlight; they are somewhat introverted, and they usually prefer to work behind the scenes. They are naturally fastidious regarding cleanliness, hygiene, and health. They strive for perfection. Those born under this sign often feel as though they are not good enough. Some of these feelings may be a holdover from a childhood during which others in the family were valued more highly or where these individuals were made to feel worthless.”-Deborah Durbin, Simply Native American Astrology

People born under this sign find it hard to deal with criticism. This may be because they already are so critical of themselves. They try to reach for perfection but know that they fall short, as we all do.

Does this fit for you?

If this is your animal sign, you are well-groomed, taking care with your appearance. You are hardworking and reliable. And you are caring and giving. Sometimes, people take advantage of your gentle, dutiful nature and you may find that you tend to choose takers for your intimate relationships.

You are an independent thinker and because of that, you like to think through and solve your problems yourself. Problem-solving is a skill for you.

You can be shy but you also can be quietly obstinate. You also can be critical of others and others may see you as having a sharp tongue. You sometimes make hurtful remarks even when you don’t mean to do so.

You often find yourself caring for others and sometimes you resent their demands. However, you are considerate toward others and can be gentle with them.


You can often be found on the caring professions, and also would do well with a writing career. Any career that requires using your sharp mind would serve you well.

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