Make Your House a Home For Vacation Rental Guests – 3 Tips

Vacation rentals are houses, not hotels. How can you make your house a home, lending comfort and warm hospitality to your guests?

Here’s three ideas to help you do just that:

1) Fill your home with original artwork. If you are an artist, this is a great way to let your talents shine. Or perhaps you know a regional artist who would love to have her work showcased!

Either way, original art hanging on your walls will give your guests a feeling of belonging. Your home is not just a hotel with mass market “art” that looks like every other hotel room Orlando Homes For Vacation Rental. Make your house unique with original art. Your guests will feel special and breathe a sigh of relief that they’ve left that stale hotel look behind.

2) Stock your home with handy personal care samples. Makeup samples, little soaps, small bottles of shampoo provided can make your guest feel well-cared for. Perhaps you have a friend in the direct sales business that would love to gain some exposure. Some great sources are Watkins, Melaleuca, Mineral Makeup. Your friends get free advertising while your guests get their needs provided for, thus raising their satisfaction level. That’s a win-win solution! And you might get those products for a discount or free as part of the trade!

3) Create a reading nook for your guests to enjoy. Carve a small space in a corner or a whole room just for your guests to read and relax. A comfy chair, a lamp, a side table, and a bookcase is all you need! And provide some books, too; perhaps some books you’ve already read.

There’s many more ideas about making your house a home, but start with these and you will raise the satisfaction level of your guests. This can result in amazing word of mouth advertising, which will improve your bottom line.

Dana Susan Beasley, a graphic artist, writer, and musician, enjoys the process of creating art, whether it’s a logo, a story, or a song. As principal and publisher of a creative arts agency called AngelArts, Dana continually reaches for new heights and excels in design and approaches graphic arts with creativity and professionalism.


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