Log Home Products – Owners Can’t Live Without These Important Products

But if you decided to build your log cabin on your own, you probably want to double check to make sure that you included such important log smart home products as a UV protected log stain and the proper amount of chinking so that it remains both protected and energy efficient even during the coldest winters.

Why is proper UV protection important when it comes to picking out the right log stain? While most stains protect against insect infestation and moisture leaking into the exposed logs, not all log stains protect against the harmful rays of the sun. Just like too much UV exposure can result in a sunburn for a human, years of UV rays on the unprotected logs of your home can cause major damage that can even rival moisture damage. That’s why even if you have chosen a log stain that doesn’t come with UV protection, one of the most important log home products you can buy is an extra sealant that contains UV protection. This substance is clear and can be applied over your stain without changing the color you chose for your home. Think of it as a layer of clear sun block for your home.

Another important log home product that is available these days is colored chinking. For generations, chinking came in one color: white. And while most home owners still prefer to have white chinking, there is a growing number of people who wish they could have colored chinking to match the color of log stain they chose for their home. Sometimes, home owners will choose to have a chinking that offsets the color of the stain, much like trim would offset the color of wallpaper in a bedroom. It is very important, however, to be absolutely sure that you want to go with colored chinking since the wrong choice can cost tens of thousands of dollars to fix and dozens of man hours to replace. Colored chinking is a great log home product, but it is not for everyone.

As you can see, UV protection for your home and colored chinking are popular log home products that can really turn any new log house into a log home. They make great gifts, too, so if you know someone with a brand new log home, surprise them this holiday season with a log home product they will love.

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