Learn How To Sterilize Your Dental Instruments The Cheap Way

For dental practitioners it is important that they go through the proper process of sterilizing their dental instruments so that their patients can be kept safe from the risk of developing any infections or diseases. Many dentists practice inside their own homes and thus do not have access to proper cleaning instruments like the autoclave machine or saturated steam for orthodontic pin cutter instruments. For such people there are alternate ways through which they can sterilize their instruments using affordable and least expensive chemicals and other types of equipment that are easily available in their homes. This process is affordable and economically viable for those who wish to sterilize their instruments effectively without having to spend on those fancy and expensive equipments for cleaning professionally.

If you are interested in learning about how to effectively sterilize dental instruments you should read this article for help. To begin the process you should start by first wearing your own lab coat, goggles, and then gloves. This is to ensure that the dentist practitioner is safe from getting any infectious diseases that can spread by touching contaminated instruments. From there you then have to set up your workstation for sterilization by using assorted disinfectants and other kinds of glass baking trays. You will have several washing stations that you will be using for the sterilization of your instruments. The first dish should be used as a washing station. This baking dish should be filled up with detergent and hot water. Then dip in the used dental instruments inside the detergent and water and then scrub off the residue on it with a nylon brush.

Once you are done scrubbing the instruments inside the detergent water take them out and put them into your second baking dish. This pan should be filled with hot water. Add in around five to ten drops of a solution called iodine tincture and then scrub the instruments again in this second dish of solution water. Once again when you are done, transfer your instruments to a third glass baking dish that should be filled with a cleaner solution that is phenol based. These phenol base disinfectants are available in concentrated form and so you have to dilute them before you use. Follow the instructions on the packaging of this solution and then dilute as per needed. Now submerge your instruments into this liquid and let them stay inside for around 30 minutes.

After thirty minutes have passed, take out the dental instruments and rinse them using cold water that is running like underneath a tap. Now you have to place your instruments into a pressure cooker that is filled with water that can last for an hour of pressure. This pressure cooker will act almost like the sterilization process inside an autoclave. Be sure that you know how to use pressure cooker otherwise serious accidents can happen. Carefully remove the regulator of the pressure cooker and let all the steam dissipate. Only then it will be safe to remove the lid and take out the instruments using tongs.


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