How To Publish Your Book In 30 Minutes Free

Publishing your book offline is very difficult because you have to look for Publishers, send your manuscript to them so that they examine it and approve it for publishing that is if you are lucky sometimes they may reject your manuscript and that will be the end of your writing career. Another problem you face as a writer and book author is how to control the proceeds of your book sales, because some of the publishers are not trustworthy.

With the change in technology and the introduction of the internet things have changed as a writer and book author you don’t have to go through that hard way. These days it is possible to prepare your manuscript in word processing document upload your book in PDF format design your book cover, set the price of your book and how to publish a book in india your book ready for sale in 30minutes, the best part of it you can control the proceeds of your book sales. The secret is hidden in the research I made and discovered when I was searching for book publishers online, thank God I discovered that using the power of the internet, now it is possible to publish your book in 30 minutes free. That is why I decided to write this article to show you how to publish and sell your book in 30 minutes free.

This article is good for new as well as experienced writers because it is a solution to the publishing problem. This article will show you how to create an idea, conduct market research on your book, how to write your book, how to upload design book cover, set price and publish your book free. Finally you will be shown how to market your book. I hope you will enjoy reading this article and will learn how to write and publish your book free in 30 minutes.


Any person can become a writer or an Author because it is simple. Everything begins with an idea, writing a book start with an idea. You can write about your hobby, story, any professional subject or any thing you know, for example if you know how to play a guitar you can write a book about how to play a guitar. The list about what you can write is endless and it is up to you


To start writing you have to type your manuscript and save it in your computer as a word document. The book must be arranged in the format of a normal book .The book must have a cover with a title down below the title you must write the name of the author beginning with the word By… For example; How to publish and sell your book in 30 minutes free. By Charles Nazi. The first page usually shows the copyright statement words used are; No part of this publication may be reproduced stored in retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic, mechanical, photocopying recording or otherwise without the prior written permission of the publisher. By Charles Nazi. Then follows the contents page, the contents page contains the preface, introduction and the list of chapters with corresponding page numbers. In the preface page the authors states the objective of the book and give a short description of the book and state the benefits the reader may obtain after reading the book. In some books the writer may have a page for introduction others will skip the introduction. Then follows the chapters beginning with chapter1 and contents divided into paragraphs. When you finish typing your manuscript you will have to edit and proofread it in order to get rid of errors and grammatical mistakes, you may use the service of a professional editor or seek help from this author. After you have completed the above steps your manuscript is ready for printing and finally publishing into a book.


This is a hard part of the writer’s job to find the publisher, There are two alternatives you may do the job yourself or look for a publisher to do the job for you. As I said in my introduction above it is very difficult for you to convince and get the publishers to publish your book therefore you have only one alternative doing it yourself. With advance in computer technology and internet you do not have to worry, I will show you How to write and publish your book in 30 minutes free, please visit this website and download my e-book at about the author information below, I will show you how to upload your book, converting it from word document to PDF document and then you will be able to publish your book as an e-book or a hard cover book. Self publishing is very simple if you have the knowledge and tools to do it. The difficult part of the publishing process is how to convert your word document into PDF document which is the format used for book publishing. The next problem is how to design the cover and upload designing a merchant website and uploading your book ready for sale. These problems have been taken care of in my e-book.


The internet is the most powerful marketing tool. With the internet you can send your ad to millions of people automatically 24 hours 7 days a week. By downloading my e-book How to write and publish your book in 30 minutes free at about the author information below, I will show you how to write and send a press release spreading the news to the world about the release of your book, to do referral marketing or the word of mouth advertising, pay per click search engine advertisement, how to advertise through newspaper classified ads, how to write submit articles to directories and blogging. All these advertising methods intended for marketing your book. The methods have been covered in detail in plain and simple language.


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