How to Make Money by Selling Handmade Pottery

Pottery is perhaps one of the most popular crafts in the world. A huge percentage of the world’s population use clay pots, pans, ceramic vases, jars, mugs, and pottery bowls. Pottery can be functional or used as decorations. Small plants and flowers, for instance, are often planted on pots. So, if you want to make good money out of selling Handmade pottery pottery, make sure that you sell high quality items that can withstand continual wear and tear, extreme temperatures, and strong detergents. Keep in mind that durable products are bought over and over again.

Anyway, your first step is to acquire the necessary permits and legal documents. You can’t start business without these papers. Obtain a tax identification number as well as a business permit. After that is settled, you can start preparing your handmade pottery. The coating or the glaze of your pottery bowls is what attracts customers. It is also one significant factor that adds value to your collection. That is why you have to create unique textures and colors. Decorate your pottery bowls with inimitable handiworks. Most art collectors look for unusual styles and artistic pieces. You may also consider adding handles to some of your ceramic vases since they make functional yet attractive accents.

Once everything is ready, make a record of every piece you have. Jot down necessary details such as the clay type or the method that you used in making each piece. These will be useful for inventory. Next, you have to add the price. You can hang price tags on large vases or you can just stick small price stickers beneath pottery bowls. You can also write the prices on folded cardboards in front of your handmade pottery. Then, you must study your competition. Be aware of your competitors’ marketing strategies and how much they sell their products. In this way, you can base your prices according to theirs.

When selling your handmade pottery in craft shows and fairs, make sure that your booth or table is visible to the public. Do not display your products in a single file. This will make them appear synonymous and uninteresting. Instead, arrange them in a way wherein customers can easily distinguish the design of one piece from another. Use level variations to create differences in heights. Showcase each piece and give a sense of movement to the display.
Moreover, you must use space wisely. Organize your pottery bowls carefully so they will not seem crowded. You must also create a pattern in your arrangement. Handmade pottery arranged in groups creates patterns that usually interests customers. You can arrange them in a U-shape. Furthermore, keep your pottery the center of attention. Do not include little ornaments in your display as these will only distract your customers.

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