How to Care For Your Custom Jewelry

Custom jewelry is an investment, and if you want to keep it looking new, it’s an investment that requires a bit of care. If you’re like most people, you invest in wholesale custom jewelry manufacturer because you want something unique to show off to the world. But it doesn’t have quite the same effect when the finish is dull and the gemstones are dirty. Follow these simple tips help your custom pieces retain their sparkle and most impressive stature.

Caring for Your Gold Jewelry

Avoid contact with soap as much as possible. This means removing your custom made pendants and gold hoops before you shower. Of course, it may not be practical that you remove your rings or bracelets every time you wash your hands, so just keep in mind that you’ll have to clean them more often than other pieces of jewelry. The soap adds a dulling film to gold. When it’s time to clean your gold, mix just a few drops of ammonia with water. Dip a toothbrush into the solution and softly scrub your golden custom jewelry. Rinse with cold water and gently wipe dry with a soft cloth.

Let Silver Custom Jewelry Shine On

If you’re wearing a silver flea market find, you may not care about taking it off before cleaning and going into the pool, but you’ll probably feel differently if the jewelry was custom made just for you. Harsh chemicals can dull your precious jewelry, so take care to keep it out of harm’s way.

If you’ve ever had a piece of silver jewelry tarnish, you know that storage is an important consideration. To keep your silver looking new, wrap it in a soft cloth when you’re not showing it off. This will prevent scratches and oxidation that causes tarnishing. To clean your silver jewelry, use a mild soap and water solution.

Caring for Platinum is Easier than You May Think

Platinum is among the most expensive metals, but it’s also among the most popular choices for custom jewelry because of its extreme durability. You can wear platinum in almost any condition and just two professional cleanings per year should keep it in great condition. If it’s not an intricate design that requires getting into tiny spaces, hot soapy water and that toothbrush we talked about earlier should suffice.

Keep Your Diamonds Shining

Much like platinum, diamonds are pretty rough and tough. Still, keep in mind that they aren’t invincible. If you hit a diamond with a harsh blow, it’ll chip. It may also dull in the presence of harsh chemicals. So to be safe, remove your diamond custom jewelry before cleaning the house or going in a chlorinated pool. Since most custom pieces are commissioned with a combination of diamonds and heavy metals, be sure to follow the care instructions to keep the metal in good shape too. You can clean your diamonds in the same way you would clean gold (a few drops of ammonia in water, lightly scrubbed with a toothbrush).

Caring for a Delicate Pearl

Pearls are a popular addition to custom jewelry because a high-quality pearl is a rare and sought after commodity. But before you decide to add a pearl to your custom piece, you should know that they require quite a bit of care. Only put on your pearls after you’ve applied makeup and perfume and finished styling your hair. Every time you remove your pearl jewelry, wipe it with a soft cloth to remove traces of perfume, makeup or hairspray. Pearls are very delicate, so be careful to keep them away from sharp objects. When you’re done wearing your pearl jewelry, wrap them in tissue before you put it away.

Opting for custom jewelry over stock items is an investment, and proper care of those unique pieces is essential to keep them looking their best. Your custom jewelry may also be a reflection of your personality, heritage, or an important event, so be sure to show it the respect it deserves and keep it looking new by caring for it properly. If you are ever in doubt, please contact a jeweler and ask for their help.


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