Finding the Right Stick Man Games For You!

When we talk about gaming genres, we often mean that we are looking at shooters, strategy, or action/adventure games. However, this does not apply to the stick games that are captivating gamers everywhere. Why? The gaming world is noticing that the appearance of a game is just as important as the gaming style exhibited within it. This is why games that feature stick figures are popping up everywhere. The visuals are intrinsically funny, and because all tastes are covered under the genre’s umbrella, there is a little something for everyone. Whether you are interested in releasing some stress or simply wanting to kill a bit of downtime, you can quickly access these games and begin playing in moments.

Adventure Games

Though the graphics may be simplistic at first, don’t be fooled by the main character’s appearance. Many of the adventure titles found on the providing websites have various levels, fun environments, and plenty of action. From solving puzzles to defeating your nemesis, the games are much deeper than many expect, and plenty of time can be logged conquering their challenges.

Fighting and Battle Games

Stick games also delve into the battle or fighting genre. What weight class would the ever-popular stick man fall in? I doubt they have a super-light-feather weight division, but if so, rest assured he’ll be in it. Either way, you can test your mettle with easy to use controls, putting the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat in the palm of your hands. Keep your eyes peeled when considering this genre, as there are advancements being made that are creating very in-depth gaming options

Board and Card Games

There is something to be said for games that withstand the test of time, and many family favorites are available. Everyone remembers playing Hangman as a kid, but what about taking things to another level with Uno renditions, popular casino games, and of course, versions of Simon Says. All of these classics are found on a variety of stick games platforms, and because they offer some good, clean fun, parents and children alike will love spending time playing them.

Skills-Based Games

Increasing your skills is always a blast, and when you have the chance to use your mouse and keyboard to play archery games, solve puzzles, and eliminate enemies with stealth and strategy, the time can fly by. At first, the controls may feel a bit strange, but within minutes you will be a professional. While these are usually one-player games, you have the ability to post your high scores and compare them with other competitors. The thrill of competition rings true even when using these single player platforms.

Many have grown weary of the price of many of the industry’s better games, which is why the underground game development niche continues to gain steam. These developers are professionals, so you can expect great releases. And, as they apply their incredible ingenuity to the seemingly simple stick figure character, the acts involved are enough to keep even the most experienced gamers busy. When you factor in the complexity of the games and the hilarious animations, you have a perfect match that is fueling the genre as a whole.



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