Choosing the Right Translation Company

Most of us will need the help of a translation service at one time or another. Whether it is for business reasons, perhaps you want to appeal to the international market and need your website translating; maybe you need to translate a work email or perhaps you are buying a house in the foreign country and need the legal documentation translating; whatever the reason a professional translation services can help make things look clearer.

So, you have the need for a translation company, how do you go about choosing the right company? There are five things to look for when choosing a company and these are price, quality, speed, technology and experience. You need to remember that whilst a company may claim to be the best translation service out there, this does not necessarily make them so. It is worth asking around your friends, family and business contacts to see if they know of anyone that they can recommend. Failing that, the internet is a great resource to begin your journey.

Simply searching for a translation company online will throw up a whole host of options and it can be hard know which one to choose. In order to make sure that you are getting the best deal for you money, it is worth ringing around a few translation companies and getting quotes from them so you can compare prices.

When you have an idea of price, you then need to consider other factors. Enquire about how their translators are selected as this can be a big indicator of the quality of the work on offer. A good translation service will put their translators through a series of tests before hiring them and make sure that they have years of experience.

The turnaround time will be a huge factor when it comes to choosing a translation company. In general, most translators can do about 2,000 words a day and if it is a larger project then a team of translators may be needed to meet your deadline. A professional company will discuss your deadlines so that a delivery schedule suitable for your documents and deadlines can be agreed. Beware of companies that offer very fast completion as this may mean that the translation is being rushed or poorly planned.

As well as inquiring about the reputation of the company it’s also a good idea to ask how long the company has been going for. This will give you an idea of how much experience they have.

If you are looking for a good professional translation company, look no further than Axis Translations. They are the very best in translations and provide accurate, comprehensive work all within a tight turnaround.


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