Choosing a Driveway

If your driveway is looking old and tired, a new one can help revamp your property. Modern driveways are available in many options and it can be difficult to decide which is best.

It is good to see that the environment is considered for some products. Permeable paving slabs allow water to soak away rather than draining off and potentially causing floods. resin driveways of resin-bound paving can also created using recycled materials such as bathroom ceramics or crushed CD’s. It is the ethical answer to your redevelopment needs.

Colours and patterns are now more widely available too. If you would like a sparkly silver drive, then you can have one. Similarly, if you want a drive with an image on it, you can have it. A coloured gravel driveway is also an option. Colour gives you a chance to show personality but is also practical because it is available as UV stable, oil resistant, low maintenance and guaranteed for 10 years. If the natural look is more your style, you can try some crushed rock or natural gravel.

Although there are plenty of options out there, the deciding factors are likely to come down to budget too.

Other things to consider include how long you intend staying in your property, what the neighbours have chosen, the gradient of your drive, whether you need a non-slip surface, whether you have to abide by conservation area restrictions, and whether flooding is a risk in your area. Also, consider whether durability is more important to you than aesthetics.

The best thing to do, when you have a good idea about what you want, is to find a quality company to deal with. They will be able to show you samples and give some case studies so that you can be sure you are choosing the right product.

There are some fantastic driveway products now available and by doing your homework you can take full advantage of the advances in this area.


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