Building a Storage Building – A Multi-Purpose Wood Shed

Storage sheds are typically used to store lawnmowers, gardening tools, wheelbarrows, and small storage supplies; however, they don’t provide a sufficient amount of space for all users. The alternative to this problem is building a storage building or a multi-purpose wood two story sheds that can provide the necessary space that is needed.

Building a storage building takes additional planning and more yard space. Nevertheless, when these multi-purpose buildings are built with wood it adds a beauty to it that can enhance the landscaping of your yard. Characteristically, it will be at least two-stories high with interior or exterior stairs, wider garage doors, partitions, windows, and it will often include a deck or a lean-to.

A multi-purpose wood shed can be used as a guest house, a work shop, an office, a game room, a garage, and as a place to store a boat or a camper. It can also be used to store seasonal decorations and sentimental storage items. Some people use them to restore antique cars or use it as a mechanic shop.

The main reason for building a storage building is to use it for multiple purposes and to add more storage space. This way the extra clutter doesn’t build up in the house or in the main home garage. This allows home owners the opportunity to finish rooms in their homes that may have been used for storage space previously.

These two-story multi-purpose wood sheds can also be built with a loft inside or with shelves for storing wood or plumbing supplies when it is used as a workshop. You may even consider building a storage building with a kitchen in it for large family events and holidays. Multi-purpose storage buildings can be used for youth dances or for dancing purposes if it is built with the right kind of design. There are many uses and functionalities to play with when it comes to building a multi-purpose wood shed.

Before you start building a storage building, think about why you are building it and what purposes it will serve. Find a great design that you can be proud of and then work on getting the proper building permits. Check for zoning laws as well as all other city requirements that may be mandatory before you start building.

There are an assortment of shed plans and designs to choose from and you can even build a storage building yourself if you take some time to prepare. If you don’t have a lot of construction experience you should consider hiring a framing contractor to assist you.

Building a storage building is a bit more complex than building a small storage shed. You will need to prepare and excavate the ground properly, then decide if you are going to use a 4″ concrete foundation. A two-story multi-purpose wood shed is typically 16′ x 20′ x 17″ in size or 16′ x 16′ up to 36′ x 18′ in size. Building codes and 4″ concrete slabs are typically required for this size of a building.

Consider choosing a design that will rather match or enhance the design of your home when building a multi-purpose shed. A two-story Bridgestone or a Legend style wood shed with a gambrel roof are two great styles to consider when building a storage building of this size. You can have it custom designed or find a design online to match your desires.

Make sure to use pressure-treated wood and high quality paint, materials, and weather-proofing treatment solutions when building a storage building or a multi-purpose wood shed if you want it to last a lifetime. You can also add rock and stucco to give it a new more updated look and style.


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