A How to Guide For Men on Attracting Girls at the Bar and Clubs

If you’re reading this article then you likely go out to bars and clubs on the weekend or at least thinking about going. So, let’s just be frank for a minute between you and me. People do not go out to bars to just hang out with their existing friends or by themselves. You could easily do that at home with much less expense on your wallet.

The point of going out to a bar or club is to meet new people, especially the opposite sex.

Good. We got that out in the open. So, the question is now how do you meet girls at the bar? There are two primary ways of going about meeting new people. Either you meet people through a mutual friend. Or you interact with complete strangers. The former option is ideal but not reliable. The latter is more terrifying but always an available option.

So, if you can meet people through mutual friends like say a house party or a dinner party then great! There is no better way to meet new people than through your existing social network. By having a common friend, both of you are already pre-screened as normal, healthy individuals, i.e. you’re both “cool”.

However, it’s not always an option to meet people this way through your friends. Sometimes, you go out to the bars and clubs Brewery Bellingha with your guy friends, drink copious amounts of alcohol, and try to work up the nerve to talk to a girl. Or, even more ideally, you pray and hope some girl will start talking to you. Fat chance that will ever happen unless you’re a male model.

It’s just biological instincts. Women make themselves beautiful through hours of work on their hair, skin, clothing, makeup, jewelry, running, and so on. Guys chase after the girls. Any girl that is too forward on a guy is labeled as a promiscuous woman and shunned by society. Everything the girl does has to be under the radar. Everything the guy does has to be clear and intentional.

So, let’s get to brass tacks. How do we approach women in the bars?

First off, it’s important to be confident, smiling, and making strong eye contact. If you don’t know how, fake it. It will eventually become a part of who you are.

Second, it does not matter what you say originally. It’s more important how you talk. You want to come off as a valuable, confident male who talks to girls regularly. You don’t want to show neediness or that you will be hanging around attached to her forever. The easiest way is through your body language. Don’t turn fully towards her until she has. Look away a few times as if you are looking for a friend. It’s a game, but it’s a fun game when you know what you’re doing.

Third, and most important, just talk to them like a normal person. Act as if the two of you already know each other. Joke with her, tell her stories, tease her, and call her on any unacceptable behavior she does. Over time, you will learn to read signs more clearly and get better. But you won’t get better unless you actually act.

After reading this article, you understand that meeting girls in a bar or club is both possible and more reliable than through a social network. You also understand that you should first assess your own body language of eye contact, confidence, and smile. Second, how you speak is more important than the words you say. Finally, you must act. Don’t over think it. Just do.


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