8 Tips For Extraordinary Name Cards For Your Dinner Table

If you`re having a dinner party, anniversary party, wedding, baptism or other gathering, try to make your own touch on the table decoration. If you buy ordinary name cards, decorate them with beads, sequins, flowers or other material.

Make your own name cards. Only the imagination can stop you from material you can use! And the guests will appreciate your effort and creativity! Most likely they will keep the namecard as a souvenir.

1. Cut wood branches in slices and polish them. Then you can write or paint the name on the front and decorate with flowers, bows, beads etc.

2. Have the wine glass engraved with the guest`s name. The guest can use the same glass the entire evening – less work for you!

3. Make bows with the guest`s name on it.

4. Collect or buy seashells and paint the name on it.

5. Decorate the card with beads and pearls.

6. Glue a picture of the guest on the name card. Take a look in some of your old photo albums.

7. Napkins with napkin ring/ribbon with name.

8. Plaster figurines with painted name on them.

Make a theme when you make the table decoration. If you use ribbons on the napkins, use the same color for flowers. If you`re inviting your friends to a maritime evening, use seashells and blue napkins.


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